Social Media

Forget small talk. Let’s build relationships.
We don’t just know social. We live it. We breathe it. So when platforms and behavior changes (which they always do) we’re ready
Social Marketing isn’t just about sharing; it’s about delivering value in a smart, strategic unique way. How that comes to life may change but the principles remain the same. That’s why we provide both end-to-end solutions and assist in complementary ways where we work to fill in gaps and support.

Let’s Break it Down by Platform

Facebook Marketing
Using Facebook’s advertising tools, we create targeted campaigns that zero in on your audience and show them what your brand has to offer.
Through Facebook, we can easily run and report on campaigns with a variety of different goals (brand awareness, brand engagement, sales, etc.), using branded video, graphics, text, and photography.

Instagram Marketing
Instagram is one of social media’s fastest-growing platforms, and it’s a great space to use branded video, graphics, and photography to grow your audience and encourage interaction.
Because Instagram is owned by Facebook, we can easily expand a Facebook campaign to include an Instagram component (and vice versa).

LinkedIn Marketing
LinkedIn’s more professional platform can help you reach an audience of business people, brand leaders, and influencers. If you want to put your message in front of a community of professionals, LinkedIn is the place to do so.

Social Media Management
When we manage your social media account(s), we create, schedule, post, and analyze the content posted on your channel, and we engage with your audience. We’ll also provide in-depth breakdowns and analytics that will inform future content and campaigns.


Brands must adapt quickly and that’s why our Workshops doesn’t just ensure business owners stays expert in digital, it helps you understand the major forms of digital communication, how they work and, most importantly, how to apply them strategically to accomplish business and marketing goals.

We help brands gain a fundamental understanding of:
– Social Media Strategy
– Facebook & Instagram Advertising
– Instagram Masterclass
– LinkedIn Course
– Email marketing
Website and seo/google analytics
Mobile photography
Design and schedule applications

These 2-3 hour workshops are ideal for small businesses and professionals. The course is perfect for beginners to intermediate; or professionals who want to freshen up their skill set and gain a more in-depth knowledge of social media platforms.

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