Ultimate LinkedIn Marketing Guide 2023 e-book


Ultimate LinkedIn Marketing Guide: LinkedIn is sometimes overlooked in the general discussions of digital marketing because it has a much smaller and more specific audience compared to other social media platforms and is found to be a bit more difficult to market on successfully. This ebook contains an in-depth how-to about how to set up for marketing on LinkedIn and a multitude of industry-tested and LinkedIn-backed marketing techniques proven to make LinkedIn work for brands, businesses, and companies. This ebook is especially valuable to B2B businesses.

Table of Contents

1 What is LinkedIn?
2 LinkedIn Profile
3 Checklist for a complete profile
5 How to build you LinkedIn Network
7 LinkedIn Page (Company Page)
8 How to create a LinkedIn Page
10 Page Updates & Posts: How to build & maintain your LinkedIn Page
16 Marketing on LinkedIn
17 Who should market on LinkedIn?
18 Setting up to run ad campaigns & Ads on LinkedIn
– 18 1. Before you start
– 19 2. Requirements to setup an Ad Account
– 20 3. Setting up a LinkedIn Ad Account
– 20 4. Creating an Ad Campaign
– Create & Name Your Campaign
– Select Campaign Objective
– Define Ad’s and Campaign’s Audience
– Select Ad Format
– Enable or Disable Ad Placement
– Set Campaign’s Budget, Schedule, & Bidding
– Set Up Conversion Tracking
– 27 5. Setting Up an Ad
– 27 6. Review, Pay, & Launch Your Ad Campaign
28 How to Measure the Results of LinkedIn Marketing Efforts
30 Tips to Measure and Achieve Growth

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