Ultimate Instagram Reels Marketing Guide 2023 e-book


Ultimate Instagram Reels Marketing Guide: Launched in mid-2020, Instagram Reels was Instagram’s bid to keep up with the growing interest in TikTok, and Reels has been a successful format for the platform. For marketers, however, Reels are still relatively new waters, and many are still hesitant to invest in the format. This ebook offers a how-to to get started with Instagram Reels, in addition to information and actionable tips that will allow marketers to warm up to the format and start seeing positive commercial results.

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Table of Contents

1 A Brief Intro to Instagram & Defining Instagram Reels
2 Why Instagram Reels Can Work for Brands & Businesses
3 – 5 Step-by-Step: How to Create an Instagram Reel
– 1. Accessing Instagram’s Camera
– 2. Setting Up Your Reel
-3. Recording Your Reel
– 4. Editing Your Reel
– 5. Posting Your Reel
6 – 9 Instagram Reel Tips for Brands & Businesses
– The 3 Second Rule
– The Problem with Audio
– Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with Effects & Filters
– Provide Value or Entertainment & Don’t Come Off as Too Sales-Oriented
– Find Inspiration from Other Brand Reels & TikToks, Especially Viral Ones

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