Ultimate Instagram Reels Marketing Guide 2023 e-book

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Ultimate Instagram Reels Marketing Guide: Launched in mid-2020, Instagram Reels was Instagram’s bid to keep up with the growing interest in TikTok, and Reels has been a successful format for the platform. For marketers, however, Reels are still relatively new waters, and many are still hesitant to invest in the format. This ebook offers a how-to to get started with Instagram Reels, in addition to information and actionable tips that will allow marketers to warm up to the format and start seeing positive commercial results.

Table of Contents

1 A Brief Intro to Instagram & Defining Instagram Reels
2 Why Instagram Reels Can Work for Brands & Businesses
3 – 5 Step-by-Step: How to Create an Instagram Reel
– 1. Accessing Instagram’s Camera
– 2. Setting Up Your Reel
-3. Recording Your Reel
– 4. Editing Your Reel
– 5. Posting Your Reel
6 – 9 Instagram Reel Tips for Brands & Businesses
– The 3 Second Rule
– The Problem with Audio
– Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with Effects & Filters
– Provide Value or Entertainment & Don’t Come Off as Too Sales-Oriented
– Find Inspiration from Other Brand Reels & TikToks, Especially Viral Ones

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