Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide 2023 e-book

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Ultimate Facebook Marketing Guide: Because of controversy-after-controversy to findings of lowering youth engagement, many question and wonder if Facebook is still a relevant platform. Facebook is, in fact, still the biggest social media platform and should not be overlooked by digital marketers. This ebook offers key information and statistics about the platform before moving into discussions and tips about what to do to successfully advertise on the platform and see commercial growth from advertising efforts.

Table of Contents

1 & 2 What is Facebook?
– From Facebook to Meta
– 2022 Key Facebook Statistics
3 Facebook Basics
– Post, News Feed, Page, About & Wall
4 & 5 How Your Business Fits In
– Facebook (META) Business Suite
– Facebook Creator Studio
6 & 7 Marketing on Facebook: General
– Content Planning & Content Strategies
– Facebook Scheduling
8 – 17 Marketing on Facebook: Ad Campaigns
– Ad Campaign Objectives
– Ad Formats
– Ad Options
– Ad Targeting & Re-targeting
– Budget, Bidding, & Schedules
– Tips & Tools for Great Ads
18 Marketing Results
– About Facebook Insights & Attaining Better Results

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