Ultimate Email Marketing & Lead Magnet Guide 2023 e-book


Ultimate Email Marketing & Lead Magnet Marketing Guide: In a 2020 email report, it was found that 4 out 5 marketers of 2,000 said they would rather give up social media marketing than email marketing. Marketing through emails works, and the email marketing industry is forecasted to grow into a double-digit billion dollar industry by 2025. This ebook describes the different types of emails that businesses and marketers can leverage, the power of lead magnets and how they relate to email marketing, and actionable techniques to turn email readers into quality, loyal customers.

Table of Contents

1 What is Email Marketing?
– Email Lists & Automation
– Types of Marketing Emails
– Email Marketing Examples
7 What is a Lead Magnet?
8 How Email Marketing &Lead Magnets Fit Together
9 How to Prepare to Run EmailMarketing Campaigns
– Step 1 – Set Goals to AchieveThrough the Use of Email Marketing
– Step 2 – Find a Great EmailMarketing Platform; Mailchimp
– Step 3 – Prepare Your EmailMarkeing Content and “Press Send”
11 Pro Tips for Effective Email Marketing

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